Transform the Internet to your responsive business machine

Data@ccess’s extensive fiber network

Provides a reliable and highly scalable Internet connection.  Plus, our Ethernet interface offers true plug-and-play compatibility with your LAN.  With customizable point-to-point configurations, you can meet the demands of bandwidth-intensive applications without disrupting your internal customers’ needs.

Ethernet Dedicated Internet and Private Line have many benefits for your business, including:

Ease of Use

Connect your network directly to the Internet with an Ethernet interface and have the ability to quickly and easily add additional bandwidth without the delays of ordering new circuits, upgrading capacity, or purchasing new equipment. Easily integrates with Data@ccess Ethernet Network Service to provide Internet access to all your locations.


Transfer data safely and securely over Data@ccess own private network, where your traffic is masked with a unique customer ID.

High Availability

Minimize interruptions and keep your business running smoothly. Data@ccess monitors and supports your Internet service 24/7 through our Customer Management Center.

Enables Demanding Applications
Meet the network infrastructure demands of bandwidth-intensive applications including storage area network (SAN) connections, mainframe mirroring, or disaster recovery applications.

Optimized ROI

Reduce operating and maintenance costs with lower capital and operational requirements for Internet access.  Provision only the capacity you need today and easily scale your bandwidth when your business demands it.  We take care of implementing technology upgrades while you focus on your core business.

Minimized Risk

Deliver high-speed Internet access to your internal customer’s on-time and on-budget.  Data@ccess handles everything from initial network design to ongoing maintenance and support for a fixed price.  Deliver networking capabilities to your internal customer’s on-time and on-budget.  We handle everything from network design to maintenance and support for a fixed price.

Data@ccess Ethernet Dedicated Internet Features:

  • Tailored Bandwidth: Symmetrical dedicated Internet bandwidth configurable from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps.
  • Domain Name System: Includes primary and secondary DNS service. Assistance provided to transfer existing domain names
  • BGP Routing Protocol (optional): Supports multihoming with load balancing for faster, more efficient routing between networks
  • Web-Based Reporting: Connectivity statistics with daily, seven-day, and 30-day reports viewed through our secure Web portal

Data@ccess Private Line Features:

  • Dedicated Connectivity: Dedicated layer-2 capacity between your locations
  • Self-Healing Site Protection: Optional path and equipment redundancy can be provided for added reliability

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