Video Services

Private network solution for business video and data applications

Commercial Video Data Service (CVDS)

This network service employs digital fiber optic transmission systems that enable video and integrated high speed data connection between remote business locations.

  • Broadcast quality full motion video
  • CD quality audio, 0,1,2,4 channels/video
  • 1.544 or 45 mbps data channels.


  • Turn-key business solution including design, transmission facilities, and video and data equipment.
  • Modular system components and flexible pricing allow for custom design of integrated video and data applications.
  • High-quality fiber optic transmission facilities deliver full motion, real time, broadcast quality video.
  • System maintenance is included. In the unlikely event service is interrupted, timely repair is also provided.
  • As a network service, initial investment is low. The customer may already have cameras, monitors , microphones and data equipment that can be used with CVDS.
  • Distance Learning, K-12, Post Secondary School
  • Television, Satellite Broadcasting
  • Medical Imaging/Diagnostics
  • Surveillance, Traffic Monitoring
  • Judicial Arraignment
  • Scheduler—Customer control of video channels at remote locations
  • Bridge—Multipoint connection 3 or more sites.

Video Conferencing Systems

Videoconferencing is a group oriented application designed for professional and education environments that contributes to the productivity of an organization. Applications can operate in a room-to-room, room-to-desktop, or desktop-to-desktop mode. Solutions are provided through integrated systems where audio, video, codec and compression functions, control and communications are all bundled into a single physical package.

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